How to Plan a Frame Cluster?

Cluster Wall Frame Ideas

A Frame Cluster or a Wall Group is exactly what it says on the tin! A selection of picture frames that you would like to display as a group on your wall.




Don’t damage your beautifully new painted wall without some forward thinking.



Step 1

Choose your wall.

Hint: If you have some little pictures or paintings, choose a wall where people can stand next to it, you don’t want people standing on your sofa or leaning over your finest china to get a closer look.


Pick a wall where people can walk in, see your work and spark some interest.

Cluster Wall Fram Ideas


Step 2

Gather up your frames, photos and pieces of art.

Your frames do not have to match, in fact it looks better if they don’t match. Different, colours, different shapes it does not matter. The same goes for what is in the frames, don’t worry about mixing up photos, paintings or letters. It is all down to personal preferences and what you will enjoy looking at.

Cluster Wall Fram Ideas


Step 3

Lets design this composition!

Stand in front of your chosen wall and lay out your pictures on the floor in front of you.


Find the one that holds the most weight, this is often the largest one or the heaviest in terms of look. This one can be your anchor piece and will be going in the middle, closest to the bottom of the grouping. The reason why we put it there is because it will create an optical illusion making the group look more balanced. If it were hung high up above some smaller lighter pieces, the group would look top heavy.


Now start playing on the floor with the other frames and create a look you think looks nice.

Cluster Wall Fram Ideas

Credit: Architecture, Art, Design.


Step 4

Creative time

Get some brown paper (or whatever you have available) and trace your frames. Cut them out then with a TINY amount of blue tack stick them where they will be going on the wall.

Hint: I say tiny amount of blue tack because new paint especially can be inclined to come off with the blue tack – just be wary of this.

Stand back and see what you think. Go away and come back again. Are you happy?

No? Rearrange again.

Yes? Woo, move on to Step 5.

Cluster Wall Fram Ideas

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens


Step 5

It’s Hammer Time!

Start with your anchor piece and then add the frames alternating the side each time. Don’t worry about accuracy and lining the frames up exactly, the idea of a cluster is that it looks random. Plus if you want to add extra over time you won’t have a problem.

Cluster Wall Fram Ideas


You will end up with a fantastic feature that shows you live in a relaxed, welcoming home.

Send me photos of your cluster wall and let me know how you get on!

Top Tip!! In a selection of your frames, just have a piece of fabric that co-ordinates with either your cushions or your curtains, this can really help the room flow and co-ordinate.

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