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Please email if you are interested in receiving details regarding any of our services. Some of our services are not location dependant.

For all fabric, curtain poles, gifts and accessory orders, please email your name, telephone number, address and full details of your intended order.  Order acknowledgment will be in the form of a pro-forma invoice, orders are then placed on receipt of payment.

If you are interested in receiving samples of our fabrics, again please email details and we will be in touch.

Many thanks for your interest and we look forward to speaking to you soon.

I would love to informally connect with you on social media so please say hello using one of the links above.

Juliet xx

Juliet Soft Furnishings

Stocksfield, Northumberland


Call: 01661 312515

Instagram: @JulesSews

Twitter: @JulesSews

Facebook: @JulietSoftFurnishings

Pinterest: JulesSews

Linkedin: Juliet Williams

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