9 Steps to Creating a Perfect Set of Curtains

Trims. Juliet Soft Furnishings. Northumberland. @Julessews

Hand Sewn Curtains! The options are endless! Curtains can transform a room and be a real feature…as well being very practical and keep the light and the draft out!


All our curtains are made to measure. You have so many options on how to custom design your windows so let’s dive straight in.


1. Choose your Fabric >

Choose your fabric from our extensive Library

Bluebellgray…one of our favourites!

2. Add in the extras

  • Interlining – Protects the fabric, helps the fabric drape, insulates the room (Believe it or not having interlined curtains reduces your heating bill) and gives a really nice finished look.
  • Blackout fabric – Ideal for light sleepers. Used for bedroom curtains, stops any light coming through. It can be used on light fabrics too. Extra insulation.
  • Leading edge – A different complimenting fabric of any width or an added trim running down the edge of the curtain facing into the centre of the window.
  • Contrast binding – strips of contrasting fabrics sewn onto the edges for decorative effect.


3. Choose your curtain track or pole >

We stock a variety of gorgeous different poles and finials which can make a huge difference to the overall look of your curtain. We also work with the existing pole in your home too.

Juliet Soft Furnishings. Curtain Pole. @Julessews. Northumberland.

Byron and Byron…another of our favourites

4. Get Measured >

It is really important to get the correct measurements, failure to do so can cause gaps down the side, not enough fabric which can mean badly placed patterns and sloppy bottoms!


5. Choose your Heading

People often don’t believe how many possible headings there are for curtains, you can almost be spoilt for choice. I recommend going with what suits the room, but sometimes you find the fabric chooses the heading.

Curtain heading options. Juliet Soft Furnishings. Northumberland. @JulesSews

6. Choose a Trim

Trims are the ultimate pieces of magic which can really perfect your curtain whether they are really subtle or big and bold. There are so many different types and they can go anywhere on the curtain.


Kate Forman

Hallis Hudson

Olivia Bard


…and many more. It is best to physically look at our collection next to your fabric.

Trims. Juliet Soft Furnishings. Northumberland. @Julessews

Troynorth Brights Room set

7. Choose a tie back

Drape your curtain back to create a look of style, let more light in and protect them. Tie backs vary enormously and it is really down to personal preference, you can have soft or hard, simple or ornate.


Byron and Byron

Hallis Hudson

Olivia Bard


Tiebacks. Juliet Soft Furnishings. Northumberland. @Julessews

Delphina, Olivia Bard Tieback.

8. Get them properly fitted >


9. Put the kettle on and admire the view

I highly recommend Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea. Juliet Soft Furnishings. @Julessews. Northumberland



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9 steps to creating a perfect set of curtains. Juliet Soft Furnishings. @Julessews. Northumberland.

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